Christmas Light Switch On

Light switch on’s also known as Light ups is a great way to bring a community together. Getting people involved and spreading the Christmas spirit by the Christmas Light Switch On of your town or community’s Christmas lights.

Clients come to us to book a Mobile trailer stage or roofed structure for November, December time for their Light Switch on events. As we all know in the Uk weather can be very unpredictable. Not that the audience would mind a bit of rain or even snow especially around Christmas time but the crew and entertains who bring the event to life have to be kept dry with Stage Mobile’s trailer stage you can bring the entertainment to the audience with no compromise.

Health & Safety is key, we do a full risk assessment outlining all the key health and safety risks, rules and regulations. Using all equipment to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Carrying out all work in a safe manor wearing high vis jackets on site, conning off areas to help avoid the working area when erecting the stage to keep the general public away from any dangers. Stage Mobile only send out staff who are well trained on operating the trailer units. To any event, fire extinguisher and a First AID kits come as standard. We also carry cable ramp to cover up any cables running to the trailer to avoid any trip hazards. Health and safety are one of our top priorities.

Christmas Switch Ons

These are the reason our clients choose us for their events.

Year after year:

Quick set up

Friendly and well-trained staff

Little disruption

Rick assessments

Perfect branding opportunities

Meeting rules and regulations of surrounding environment

Health and safety

Always on site

Clean and tidy trailer stages.

Carrying fire extinguishers and first aid kits

Quick pack down

Take a look at our SM1 Stage, the perfect stage for Christmas light switch ons.

As we all know as little disruption to the general public the better for example in a high street environment. Stage Mobiles Trailer Stages are quick and easy to set up boosting a 20 minute set up from getting the unit into position and unfolding. Once unfolded it is safe to get on the stage and finish the set up with any sound and/or Lighting that may be needed for the Light switch on in under an hour.

Branding plays such a big part in these events, which we can help out with custom made back drops, stage skirt/valance which is all visible to the public. As we all know funds can be tight that’s why branding plays a huge part as you can get sponsors to help cover some of the costs such as local business, radio stations and brands. You can also use this space to advertise why the stage is there, event opening times and closing and what acts are on and when.

Whilst the light switch on event is running our staff will stay on site to ensure everything is running smoothly and the trailer stage is safe. Once the event comes to a finish all staff will wear High vis jackets to make them selves visible to any General public and/or to any moving vehicles. Once the area is clear the Cones will be placed out around the trailer unit and the pack up can begin with the same speed as the set up avoiding disruption to its surrounding.